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Our tears and our smiles,our joys and our griefs,our weeping and our laughter,our curses and our blessings,our praises and our blames-every one of these we may find,if we calmly study our own selves,to have been brought out from within ourselves … Continue reading

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There are 4 types of devotees as per Bhagavad gita. 1)One who worships god only in trouble. 2)One who always worships for his needs and Luxuries 3)One who worships as he is just enthusiastic to know God but implements none … Continue reading

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God is now here

While Swami Vivekananda was addressing a gathering, one atheist walked up to him and said that “God is no where”.Vivekananda smiled and asked that gentleman to write the same statement on the board.  Then Vivekananda walked up to that board … Continue reading

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Take the best and leave the rest

For the faults of many judge not the whole. Everything on earth is a mixed character ,like a mingling of sand n sugar. Be like the wise ants which seizes only sugar and leave the sand untouched.  By Babaji – … Continue reading

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Rogi,Bogi and Yogi

There are 3 kind of people who are awake in the night One who is sick (Rogi) One who enjoys worldly pleasures (Bogi) and one who enjoys spiritual bliss (Yogi) Its up to us on what we choose.

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The sound we hear when we stand on a beach is not the sound of a single wave hitting the shore,but the sum total of all the minute waves which make up the bigger waves. Like wise,every major event or … Continue reading

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What is Religion?

  Each Soul is potentially Divine.The goal is to manifest the divinity within, by controlling nature both external and internal.Do this either by work or worship or psychic control-by one or more all of these and be free.This is Whole … Continue reading

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