Who is great Sansari(Married person) or Sanyasi(Monk)?

Who  is great Sansari(Married person) or Sanyasi(Monk)?

A king got the above doubt and asked all the ministers in his kingdom and asked them to show the proof for their answers.Every minister told his opinion but none could show the proof.
But a wise minister among them asked the king to follow him to get the answer for his question.

So he took the King into another kingdom where the princess was choosing the bride for her .But the princess did not like any prince so was returning to her chamber.Suddenly she saw a young Sanyasi(Monk) and liked him and she threw a garland on him.The sanyasi refused the princess offer and walked away and the princess started following him.The King and the wise minister were watching all this and they too followed the sanyasi and the princess.

After a while,as it was getting dark the princess lost the trace of sanyasi and started crying under a Tree. The wise minister along with the king went to the princess and told her that he could help find her lover the next morning.So the king,minister and the princess were resting under the tree that night.

A birds family was residing on that Tree .As soon as they saw the guests under their tree,the male bird immediately brought a small amber with its small beak and started fire to cook for the guests as it is customary to feed the Guest
Since he dint have anything to cook ,he offered himself as food by jumping into the fire and his family too offered themselves.

The 3 guests were shocked to see the Birds Generosity.

Showing this, the wise minister explained to king that Sansari should be like the little bird who should be always ready to help others selflessly even at the cost of its own life
While Sanyasi must be like that young man who dint care for the riches and the beautiful princess.

So both are great in their own respect as long as they fulfill the Dharma.

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