Who are we to discriminate among Gods creation?

There was once a teacher who lived in an ashram, he had two students, one who was with the teacher for almost 10 years and another was a newcomer.

One day the teacher was very tired, the older student offered to massage the teachers legs, when the teacher agreed, the new student argued that he should be allowed to do that as the older student had already was blessed by doing this service in the past.

Teacher asked the arguing students to massage one leg each and went to sleep. When ever one of the teachers leg touched the other leg the two students started fighting arguing that your leg is touching my leg.

One of the student threw a pot at one leg while the other threw a stick at the other leg.

The teacher got up in pain

In the above story, teacher is the almighty and we are the students. We keep dividing his creation in to yours and mine and start needlessly fighting and hating each other. So who do you think is in pain because of these actions?

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