Max Muller is one of the greatest Scholars who accomplished the amazing task of translating the Vedas from Sanskrit to English.

While he was translating Rig Veda,he came upon a Sanskrit verse which was causing Max Muller difficulty in translating the same into English.
In this very moment, a person named Trivedi from India requested his audience.Max Muller thought that a person by the name Trivedi meaning 3 Vedas would be a great Scholar and was God sent to solve the difficulty he was facing.


Max Muller at once invited him and offered him the respect of a Scholar.
Max Muller:Who are you?
Trivedi:I am a Student from India,have attended the ICS Exam and I am on my way back to India.
Max Muller:What are you studying?
Trivedi:ICS(Indian Civil Services)
Max Muller:Have you completed it?
Max Muller:What will you do Next?
Trivedi:I will get a Government Job
Max Muller:Next?
Trivedi:I shall Marry
Max Muller:Next?
Trivedi:I shall have Children.
Max Muller:Next?

Trivedi:I will be happy with my Family and Job.(said this very Irritatingly,wishing why he had come here)Max Muller:Next?

Max Muller:Next?
Trivedi:I shall have a restful Life relaxing on a easy Chair
Max Muller:Next?
Trivedi:I shall Die
Max Muller:What will you do after Death?
Trivedi:I don’t have a clue on what I should be doing when I am alive.What would I know about Life after Death.

At this point,Max Muller told the Young man that he had come from a land which was known for spirituality and it was a shame that he was leading Life of an Animal with no purpose or desire to realize oneself.He said that the goal of Every Human is to think “What becomes of my Soul after Death” and to be relieved from the cycle of Rebirth and Death.

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