Idle mind is devils workshop

Once there was a farmer who had a lot of land to cultivate and he was worried about that.So he did a penance,God appeared and asked him what he desired.He explained his problem and God gave him a monster and told him this monster would do anything he asks for but the only caveat being if monster was left idle,it would eat its master.

Farmer was overjoyed thinking that he had lot of work and would never have to keep the monster idle.Farmer instructed the monster to plough his field and the monster finished it in a matter of hours.Then he instructed him to build a house which the monster finished in no time.The master instructed monster other works and were done in no time.

The terrified farmer ran to his Guru and asked for the solution as the monster would eat him if kept idle and the Guru gave him a solution.

The farmer approached the monster and showed him a tree and asked him to climb and get down the tree continuously till he gave him another task.The monster got fed up and ran away leaving the farmer alone.

In the above story,the monster is our fickle mind which would consume or drain our soul when kept idle.So make sure you provide it with constructive work and keep it occupied with fruitful tasks.

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