Slave to worldly pleasures,we give up heavenly freedom

There was a monkey in a town which lived on a tree near a small shop, it always wanted to steal something from it.
One day the shop keeper left the shop unattended. The monkey took advantage of this moment and entered the shop. It excitedly looked all around and saw a glass jar full of cashew nuts, which it so dearly loved.
The monkey immediately put its hand in the jar and made a fist to grab the cashews, the mouth of the jar was narrow, so when the monkey made a fist it was not able to remove its hand out. Although it knew that it was dangerous as the shop keeper might come back any moment it did not un clench its fist to save itself and clung to the jar.
The shop keeper arrived and gave the monkey a good thrashing, in spite of this the monkey was still hoping to grab a few cashews.
We are just like the monkey holding dearly to the worldly possessions knowing that they would cause us pain, although we know its good to eat healthy (vegetarian), think positive, meditate, exercise, read good books, practice good habits etc. we waste our time clinging to unproductive tasks.

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