Our learning’s from karma yoga

Over the past few weeks my husband and myself have been reading the complete works of swami vivekananda, we have finished the chapter on karma yoga. We thought it would be a good idea to summarize all the  wonderful spiritual knowledge we have gained through this experience.

Hope you all will also enjoy this summary and gain from it.

  • The act of performing any work is karma, the thoughts you think, the words you speak, the deeds you do are all karma.
  • Every karma has its cause and effect, everything you see around you, everything you experience is all result of karma. The whole world is the result of our collective karma, good or bad.
  • We have to always perform our duty, without anticipating the result.
  • We have to work (perform karma) staying aloof and detached. Detachment is a way of being selfless, and by being selfless and ever giving without anticipating we experience true love.
  • We have to always work towards removing the feeling of ‘I’, ego.
  • Every time we think we do a good deed, like giving charity, or simple things like opening the door for others, always remember that these are being done for your own good. The world doesn’t live by or need our help to go on. We haven’t created this world it existed before we came in and it will continue to exist after we move on.
  • Expecting a world which is absolute good is foolish, there can’t be only good without bad. Inspecting an object, one sees that it is made out of molecules which are all unequal , some in higher energy states and others in lower state. Inequality is the fundamental basis of creation.
  • Respect others and judge not, everyone has their reasons which are results of their own karma.
  • Every act we do today is the sum total of all our karma’s in the past, thus our future is also the result of our present deeds. DO good to reap good.
  • Every idea with in us is a wave pattern, and is released in to the universe and resonates with other ideas (people) with the same frequency, thus thinking good thoughts attract good company and more positive thoughts.
  • Every duty in the world has its own value; there is nothing small or big. A king can’t do the duty of a scavenger likewise a scavenger can’t do the duty of a king, each is great in their own respect.
  • Society has been divided in to classes each performing a set of duties so as to allow them to look beyond the worldly meaning and grow spiritually.
  • The definition of duty should be understood in the context of a society or a country and respected based on the circumstances.
  • We must always try to do good without any selfish motto, the giver is always blessed, whether the receiver is happy of not.
  • Spreading Spiritual knowledge is the highest form of help we can offer, then comes sharing intellectual help and last but not the least physical help (money, food etc.)
  • Each country / religion or social group have their ideologies, customs, the fact that we do not know them don’t make them bad. We should learn to reason and tolerate. We should not limit ourselves only to our ideas but should open up.
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