Nourished your roots for a wonderful life

There was once an old lady who planted a Splendid Garden and She was very fond of it,and she spent a lot of time taking very good care of it.
Suddenly she fell sick and was now worried about her Garden.Her foolish Grandson promised that he would take care of it.
After a month,the old lady recovered from her illness and went to see the Garden.She was shocked to see her garden dried and ruined.
When she questioned her Grandson, he said he indeed took care of it by carefully wetting every leaf,petal and stem of the plants.
When she questioned about the roots,he said he dint know about the roots as he could not see them and all he could see were only flowers and leafs which he used to take care daily.
In the above story as the foolish grandson cared only for the things visible to his eyes, we spend our time focusing on our body and its materialistic needs, neglecting the soul which is the root of our survival.We need to nourish our soul with meditation, Introspection,good Behavior etc.

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