3 Skulls

Once a demon walked in to a kings court carrying 3 skulls, he challenged the king to tell which one of the skulls was the best among the three skulls he brought or he would create havoc in the kingdom.
A clever minister walked up and examined the skulls.
He asked for a long stick and started rating the skulls.

Skull 1 : He passed the stick through one of the ear and the stick came out through the other ear, the minister announced that this was the worst skull of all as this person listened through one year and left the ideas and knowledge through the other
Skull 2 : When the minister passed the stick through the ear, it came out from the mouth, the minister proclaimed this to be the skull of a better person as this person listened, remembered and repeated, thus spread the knowledge to others but failed to implement the same.
Skull 3 : When the minister passed the stick through the ear the stick went towards the heart of the person, the minister announced this to be the best skull as this person implemented what he learnt.

The demon was happy with the explanation and left the kingdom unharmed.

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