Never delay a good deed

A Small Story from Mahabharata.
One day karna was having his bath and beside him was a jewel studded golden bowl .Lord Krishna happened to visit Karna around the same time and instantly took fancy to the lovely bowl. Karna immediately welcomed Krishna and asked him to have a seat.
Krishna asked Karna to give him the Golden Bowl as an offering.
Karna without any hesitation reached out for the Bowl and gave it to Krishna with his left hand as his right hand was not clean.Krishna immediately questioned Karna and reminded him that it is not custom to give gifts or offering with Left hand.
Karna with a humble smile said that he knows the custom very well
and gave the following explanation to Krishna.
When ever you think of a good deed ,you have to act on it immediately without second thought as you really don’t know what would happen the very next second.Either your Life could end or greed might consume you or your Intentions might change.So the good act is of the utmost important but not the ritual on how you do it.

So next time, when ever we feel like doing a good deed however small or big,lets do it with out hesitation.

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