Practice what god has preached ,just don’t praise him

I would like to share a small story which was narrated by great master Thata varthi Veera ragavagaru.
There was a very rich Land Lord who had to go out of town on a very urgent Business.As the harvest was nearing,he called his Assistant and gave him all the instructions needed to take care of the Land while he was gone.

When the Land Lord returned after few weeks,he was very disappointed to see that all his Crop was wasted and none of his instructions were followed.So he called his Assistant really annoyed and asked him for an explanation. The Assistant with a humble smile invited the Land lord to his house and showed him how he had built a small temple for the Land Lord and how he daily decorated it and did all the Rituals.While the Assistant thought this would please the Land Lord ,the Land Lord yelled at Assistant and dismissed him.

Moral of the Story:In the same manner,God would not be pleased by meaning less rituals and needless offering but would be pleased if people followed his Teachings and became Better Humans.

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2 Responses to Practice what god has preached ,just don’t praise him

  1. malvaresmachado says:

    Very nice story! So true again! Thanks for sharing…

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