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Who is a thief?

Definition of Thief as explained by Adi Sankaracharya. A thief is a person who thinks he owns something which does not belong to him.So he says any being who thinks the body which he is possessing , the world he … Continue reading

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Meaning of Syntax as a Child sees it

One day a teacher asked students to explain the meaning of Syntax.An eager boy among the class stood up and with out hesitation said that” Syntax is a tax levied upon sins ” . So Beware of the Syntax as … Continue reading

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You’re too busy

Originally posted on Hope of light:
You’re too busy in reaching at the destination; that you forget how to enjoy the journey.  You’re too busy in watching the fake light of this world; that you forget to see the beauty…

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The grass is equally green on your side.

There was a huge farms adjacent to each other by a wire fence.Each of the farm was homed to a cow.Each farm has lush green grass more that sufficient for the cow which lived on it. Each day the cows … Continue reading

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