The grass is equally green on your side.

There was a huge farms adjacent to each other by a wire fence.Each of the farm was homed to a cow.Each farm has lush green grass more that sufficient for the cow which lived on it.

Each day the cows stopped at fence and admired the grass on other side of the fence and thought how wonderful it was.They were not contended what they had .After a few days each cow twisted their necks through the wire and stared eating the grass on the other side.In a few days,the grass near the fence was consumed. In spite of that,the cows tried to stretch their necks through the fence despite the pain and the hurt it caused.They never realized it was the same grass growing in both the farms.

In a way,we are like those cows who never realized the value of what  they had .We constantly look at others and their positions and want to be them ignoring our true nature.

We get what we deserve.

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