Intellect ,Love and God

Well I use to wonder what  is the need for intellect in Spirituality ?God is supreme and we need to reach him in our own ways .But yes there is a need to use some reasoning or intellect in finding God after I witnessed some of the blind meaning less rituals and superstitions . I am not judging nor commenting anyone but just expressing what I feel. Rituals are important and I do respect them but they should be a good reason behind that and it should help towards the development of Soul rather than satisfying your desire.We need to use our Intellect so that we don’t fall into blind beliefs and get carried away by promises which lead you away from the god path. What good are rituals which harm animals and which don’t teach you to treat everyone with the same respect.

The other day when I read a book written by Swami Vivekananda ,he said that our intellect is just like the Policemen who protects us from any disturbances in the proper functioning of wise our Intellect prevents us  from falling into blind superstitions and rituals. God is beyond Intellect ,our intellect is not sufficient to find him .But our Pure love alone can find God.So the comparison of  our Intellect with Policemen seemed so apt.

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  1. Very well written…

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