Fearlessness is the key

A student once asked his master Swami Vivekananda what was Lord Krishna first suggestion to depressed and worried Arjuna among the entire Bagavathgeeta ?

Swami Vivekananda told that Lord Krishna’s first suggestion was Fearlessness.He first asked Arjuna to get up and stop crying.He said that the mental weakness is the worst  thing that a man can have as it drives a person into vicious circle of thoughts there by leading person to failure.

So the brain  focuses on the infinite worst probabilities which will never happen instead of  focusing on the solution to the problem at hand.When ever  fear arises in our mind,we have already half failed.So he said that not to get scared and resume  further with positive attitude and Joy.

This suggestion is not only for Arjuna but for every individual.One needs to apply this in our everyday lives .

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