Intellect ,Love and God

Well I use to wonder what  is the need for intellect in Spirituality ?God is supreme and we need to reach him in our own ways .But yes there is a need to use some reasoning or intellect in finding God after I witnessed some of the blind meaning less rituals and superstitions . I am not judging nor commenting anyone but just expressing what I feel. Rituals are important and I do respect them but they should be a good reason behind that and it should help towards the development of Soul rather than satisfying your desire.We need to use our Intellect so that we don’t fall into blind beliefs and get carried away by promises which lead you away from the god path. What good are rituals which harm animals and which don’t teach you to treat everyone with the same respect.

The other day when I read a book written by Swami Vivekananda ,he said that our intellect is just like the Policemen who protects us from any disturbances in the proper functioning of wise our Intellect prevents us  from falling into blind superstitions and rituals. God is beyond Intellect ,our intellect is not sufficient to find him .But our Pure love alone can find God.So the comparison of  our Intellect with Policemen seemed so apt.

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Search within yourself

A very inspiring video by Chade-Meng Tan which talks about small changes which can have a positive impact on us.That is the seed of World peace and harmony.

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Failure is one of the best teacher if you are willing to learn

Failures are part of every ones life.But the question is are we learning from our mistakes?Some of the Successful people when asked about  failure.

Benjamin Barber said that he would see people as learners and non-learners rather than Successful or failure.Successful people pull themselves out of their setbacks and continue their lives,armed with new knowledge.Non learners stuck in a stage of failure ,mired in feelings of anger or blame or shame and complaining from the past rather than learn form it.He said “the question to ask is not whether you are a success or a failure,but weather you are learner or non learner”

The former king of Silicon Valley Nolan Bushnell  said that if Success isolates us form human condition,failure re-introduces us to  humanity.

Tennesse Williams after the huge failure of his first play  said that “if he has not had a failure,he would never have written Glass Menagerie.

Larry Atlas Said”Knowing you can survive defeat makes you risk active failure,and that also can lead to greatness”.

So lets cheer up and move forward by learning from our past and trying not to repeat them.

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Diamond and Charcoal

The sun  shines both on charcoal and diamond,but the diamond reflect the sunlight more.So in those souls who are devoted to God ,you find greater brotherhood;you feel a closer kinship.

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Positive Spirit

There were 2 men one who was intensely  meditating under a tree and another who was singing hymns with lot of devotion.

Suddenly an angel appeared to the man who was meditating.The man asked angel to ask God when he would attain Salvation.The angel accepted his request
and went to meet the man who was singing. He too asked the same question.

After some time ,the angel returned back and told the man who was meditating that he would attain salvation after 4 births.He immediately felt  discouraged and started weeping and said how could God not recognize his immense devotion.
The angel went up to other man and told him that he would have to wait as many lives as there are leaves on the Tree.  He immediately overcame with joy and said that he was glad that he will be able to meet God in just a few more births.
Such was his positive intent.As soon as he said this,God appeared in front of him and said that he would attain Salvation at the very moment.

So no matter in what situation we are,let us always be positive by taking good in everything and move forward to achieve success.
Success is   just not attaining  something we want but by the way we handle and overcome ups and downs in our journey. It is not failure if we have failed trying to attain what we sought out.

~The Complete works of Vivekananda


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Who is a thief?

Definition of Thief as explained by Adi Sankaracharya.

A thief is a person who thinks he owns something which does not belong to him.So he says any being who thinks the body which he is possessing , the world he lives in and the relationships he has formed are his own is a thief.Instead understand that the soul comes into this world plays its part and departs.

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Meaning of Syntax as a Child sees it

One day a teacher asked students to explain the meaning of Syntax.An eager boy among the class stood up and with out hesitation said that” Syntax is a tax levied upon sins ” .
So Beware of the Syntax as we have to pay dearly for all the sins we commit.

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