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Conquer your tongue and the world is yours

The tongue has two primary functions one is to help us to express our thoughts and ┬áthe other is to enable us taste the food. Controlling tongue is very important as it plays ┬ámajor role in the soul development as … Continue reading

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Hands in the society, Head in the forest

Have you ever seen a native Rajesthani dancer, dancing while a pot filled with water rests on her head? She moves gracefully, bends, jumps and lights her face up with a lot of expressions but underneath all that show she … Continue reading

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Who is a thief?

Definition of Thief as explained by Adi Sankaracharya. A thief is a person who thinks he owns something which does not belong to him.So he says any being who thinks the body which he is possessing , the world he … Continue reading

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Why does the soul suffer?

Conversation between Adi Sankaracharya and his student. Student: Why does the soul suffer? Sankaracharya: Because of the body in which the Soul exists. Student: Why does soul take body? Sankaracharya: Because of our Karma(Past deeds) Student: What is this cause … Continue reading

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