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Fearlessness is the key

A student once asked his master Swami Vivekananda what was Lord Krishna first suggestion to depressed and worried Arjuna among the entire Bagavathgeeta ? Swami Vivekananda told that Lord Krishna’s first suggestion was Fearlessness.He first asked Arjuna to get up and … Continue reading

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Stimulus and Response

Between stimulus and response,there is a space.In that space lies our freedom and our power to choose  our response.In our response lies our growth and our happiness.What a meditative mind does is to increase that space for us. ~Vicktor Frankl

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Search within yourself

A very inspiring video by Chade-Meng Tan which talks about small changes which can have a positive impact on us.That is the seed of World peace and harmony.

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Failure is one of the best teacher if you are willing to learn

Failures are part of every ones life.But the question is are we learning from our mistakes?Some of the Successful people when asked about  failure. Benjamin Barber said that he would see people as learners and non-learners rather than Successful or … Continue reading

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Positive Spirit

There were 2 men one who was intensely  meditating under a tree and another who was singing hymns with lot of devotion. Suddenly an angel appeared to the man who was meditating.The man asked angel to ask God when he … Continue reading

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