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Fearlessness is the key

A student once asked his master Swami Vivekananda what was Lord Krishna first suggestion to depressed and worried Arjuna among the entire Bagavathgeeta ? Swami¬†Vivekananda told that Lord Krishna’s first suggestion was Fearlessness.He first asked Arjuna to get up and … Continue reading

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Never delay a good deed

A Small Story from Mahabharata. One day karna was having his bath and beside him was a jewel studded golden bowl .Lord Krishna happened to visit Karna around the same time and instantly took fancy to the lovely bowl. Karna … Continue reading

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The nature of our Mind

Ancient Scriptures have compared the mind to a monkey not just any monkey but one which is drunk. not just drunk but which has a thorn in its foot not just thorn but possessed by evil spirits. Now just imagine … Continue reading

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