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Conquer your tongue and the world is yours

The tongue has two primary functions one is to help us to express our thoughts and  the other is to enable us taste the food. Controlling tongue is very important as it plays  major role in the soul development as … Continue reading

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Less luggage, more comfort makes travel a pleasure

The golden rule of travel, “less luggage, makes a travel more pleasure”, very much applies to our journey called life, with our final destiny is to reunite with divinity. While on this important journey we should minimize our luggage comprising … Continue reading

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Failure is one of the best teacher if you are willing to learn

Failures are part of every ones life.But the question is are we learning from our mistakes?Some of the Successful people when asked about  failure. Benjamin Barber said that he would see people as learners and non-learners rather than Successful or … Continue reading

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3 Skulls

Once a demon walked in to a kings court carrying 3 skulls, he challenged the king to tell which one of the skulls was the best among the three skulls he brought or he would create havoc in the kingdom. … Continue reading

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