Conquer your tongue and the world is yours

The tongue has two primary functions one is to help us to express our thoughts and  the other is to enable us taste the food. Controlling tongue is very important as it plays  major role in the soul development as mentioned in the ancient Scriptures.

We need nutrients is to live and perform our daily activities,and the stomach really does not care how they taste. But the tongue craves for the various tastes and says “No admission with out my permission“.This leads to unnecessary craving there by becoming slave to the sense of taste.Diet plays a key role in spiritual growth.The major goal of any spiritual practice is for the mind to conquer all the sensory organs.

Gandhiji in one of his speech said that there is lot of air and water around us.But we only breathe and drink what we need.But when it comes to food,why don’t we do same?

Adi Sankaracharya in his scriptures said that every day we get a disease called hunger and we should treat with a medicine called food implying that we should eat only the amount we require.

Conquering sense organs is not easy .It requires daily Introspection and Meditation.


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