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Fearlessness is the key

A student once asked his master Swami Vivekananda what was Lord Krishna first suggestion to depressed and worried Arjuna among the entire Bagavathgeeta ? Swami¬†Vivekananda told that Lord Krishna’s first suggestion was Fearlessness.He first asked Arjuna to get up and … Continue reading

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Union with god

Once a gentleman was walking on a river bank, he noticed a fish which fell out of the water. The fish was thrashing, the gentleman had a kind heart so he picked up the fish and took it home. In … Continue reading

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Positive Spirit

There were 2 men one who was intensely ¬†meditating under a tree and another who was singing hymns with lot of devotion. Suddenly an angel appeared to the man who was meditating.The man asked angel to ask God when he … Continue reading

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Practice what god has preached ,just don’t praise him

I would like to share a small story which was narrated by great master Thata varthi Veera ragavagaru. There was a very rich Land Lord who had to go out of town on a very urgent Business.As the harvest was … Continue reading

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Burning flame of desires

Ancient Scriptures talk about a king named yayathi. He was very fond of his youth whiling away his time enjoying all the worldly pleasures.As time went by,he started aging,but his desires to fulfill his wants never seized.He wanted another youth … Continue reading

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Never delay a good deed

A Small Story from Mahabharata. One day karna was having his bath and beside him was a jewel studded golden bowl .Lord Krishna happened to visit Karna around the same time and instantly took fancy to the lovely bowl. Karna … Continue reading

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There is a danger of our religion entering into the kitchen. We are neither Vedantists, nor Pauranics, nor Tantrics. We are just “Don’t-touchists”. Our religion is in the kitchen. Our God is the cooking-pot, and our religion is, “Don’t touch … Continue reading

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